IMA - Industrial Marketing


We work on the basis of fixed fee for the execution of a well defined project.
The execution of our projects is always in close co-operation with our client. Typical projects executed by IMA, focus for example on:

  • organising and performing of b-to-b market research in The Netherlands, throughout Europe, in particular Central Europe (Poland, Czech Rep. Slovak Rep., Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria), the USA
  • the development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies and marketing plans
  • the development and implementation of pr and public affairs; press and consultants relations programs
  • match-making; the qualification and selection of distribution channels and distributors in The Netherlands, or other countries in Europe including Central Europe
  • feasibility studies for the collection of venture capital, new share-holders and market penetration

IMA has a working relationship with marketing bureaus throughout Western, Central and Eastern Europe and the USA.



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